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Sent on: 01-Dec-2015

Spinifex Press Newsletter
Issue 64, November 2015

Welcome to the November edition of The Spin packed with news of our latest release, our exciting forthcoming title, book reviews and launches, and details of author events.


The great climate robbery – how the food system drives climate change and what we can do about it

This forthcoming title is indeed timely as this week 40,000 delegates from more than 190 countries meet in Paris for major climate talks. This new anthology by the international NGO Grain shows how food sovereignty is critical to any lasting and just solution to climate change. With governments, particularly those from the main polluting countries, abdicating their responsibility to deal with the problem, it has become ever more critical for people to take action into their own hands.



Author Penny Mackieson at the successful launch of her new book Adoption Deception in Melbourne on October 28.

This is a lightning rod of a book, one that will summon thunderclaps of applause and disapproval. I am not saying I agree with the argument the author makes; I am saying I admire the naked personal honesty with which she makes it. Whatever viewpoint you have at the end of this book, I guarantee you this – you will think, and feel, more deeply about the issue of adoption.Martin Flanagan, author and journalist The Age

The issue of adoption and Penny Mackieson's new book Adoption Deception is proving to be of interest to the mainstream media. Penny was interviewed about her controversial new release by Richard Stubbs on the ABC and also asked for informed comment on SBS News regarding the Federal Government's latest push for speeding up the adoption process.


Locust Girl

by Merlinda Bobis

Bobis has written an astonishing allegory, one that grew, surely, out of those infamous words: 'We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come' … From this unsettling political premise, Bobis has woven a beautiful, compelling story.— Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

It’s allegorically pertinent not just to the question of refugees but also to how the future might play out if climate change is as disastrous as some of the modelling suggests. — The Australian
As Bobis blurs the boundaries between a utopian and a dystopian society, she touches on the social malaise, cultural discomfort, and ecological concerns of our globalised times. —
Emily Yu Zong,  Australian Women's Book Review


Indeed, the significance of women writers can be seen in Bite Your Tongue, in the way writing describes the consciousness of the new self after the pain of difficult, unseemly families for women. — Marcus Breen, Australian Women's Book Review


Finola Moorhead with other recipients of the Edna Ryan Award
Finola is on the right of the photo, second row.

Congratulations to Finola Moorhead, author of  A Handwritten Modern Classic, one of the deserving recipients of the 2015 Edna Ryan Awards. The EDNAs are awards for women who have made a feminist difference, i.e. whose activity advances the status of women: the battlers and the unsung heroines who show commitment and determination. Finola is a radical feminist who writes poetry, and has published five fiction books and written two plays. Well done Finola.


Publisher and poet Susan Hawthorne was recently interviewed on Radio Adelaide about her presentation at the 2015 Feast Festival called Exploration of a Lesbian-Centric Universe. Have a listen to Susan reading from her book of poems Cow. In Cow, through the character of Queenie, a cow of many talents, Susan delves into the ancient and modern traditions that intersect lesbians and cows.


Olivera Simić author of Surviving Peace spoke about her story of courage that echoes the stories of millions of people whose lives have been displaced by war at the 2015 Crime & Justice festival held in Melbourne on Saturday 14 November.


Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr Zohl dé Ishtar was in Brisbane on Sunday 22 November for an event  "Stepping into Re-Shaping the Future in Aboriginal-Settler Relations" where she invited visitors to ask her any question about the Kapululangu Womens Law and Culture Centre where she has lived and worked for 16 years. Zohl's moving book Holding Yawulyu: White Culture and Black Women's Law will be reprinted in 2015 and includes a new preface by the author.


Spinifex Press has sold the following rights to Susan Hawthorne's  Bibliodiversity: A Manifesto for Independent Publishing

French rights to Éditions Charles Leopold Mayer; French language rights in Benin to Éditions Ruisseaux d’Afrique; French language rights in Cameroon to Presses universitaires d’Afrique; French language rights in Mali to Éditions Jamana; and Swiss French language rights to Éditions d’En-Bas.


Due to popular demand

 Far and Beyon'

Surviving Peace



Spinifex Press titles are now available through the Spinifex website. If a book is available as an eBook, you can see next to the cover Instant download and, where the price is listed, a link to the download. Please note that just as we respect the copyright and moral right of our authors in print version, we expect purchasers to do the same and to treat each download ethically. Please do not break this trust. Spinifex is an unfunded independent feminist press which depends on readers’ support through purchasing our books and eBooks.

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Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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