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                                          Book of the Week

Voices of the Survivors

by Patricia Easteal

This book is the result of a nationwide survey of 2300 letters from women and 97 from men about rape and sexual abuse. Patricia Easteal analysed the materials primarily from women who have experienced abuse from husbands, estranged husbands, relatives, dates, bosses, priests, acquaintances and strangers.

This is a significant book, but it is not an easy book to read, partly because of the horrors being described. In addition, many of the women’s accounts are short, and readers like myself had trouble relating to them. For that reason I found Spinifex’s recent book, Prostitution Narratives, with its longer stories, even more effective in taking us inside the women who are suffering.  Still, this book has information we all need to understand the world we live in.  I recommend it widely MdBrady, Me, You, and Books

Tomorrow in Melbourne:

PartnerSPEAK Gendered Violence Professional Development Symposium with Rosie Batty: The impact of online child abuse offending on families: Building knowledge and understanding

Trauma is a significant issue for the partners and families of those who are investigated, charged and sentenced for online child abuse offending. However, there is only limited understanding and awareness among frontline workers about the impact of this on affected partners.

March 1, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Green Brain (RMIT City Campus: Building 16, Level 7, Conference Rooms 1 and 2)
336–348 Swanston Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tickets and info:

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