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Spinifex Press is an award-winning independent feminist press, publishing innovative and controversial feminist books with an optimistic edge.

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SurrogacyThe Pimping of ProstitutionI'm the Girl Who Was RapedDark Matters : A novelAccidents of Composition
Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable GrandmotherGardasilLady of the RealmWe Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by FireThe Seven Sisters of the Pleiades
Books of the Month
To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog, this month we are featuring our wonderful animal books.

A Girl's Best Friend Cover Image

A Girl's Best Friend: The Meaning of Dogs in Women's Lives 
Jan Fook and Renate Klein (eds.) 

The best-selling book that started the series exploring the significance of animals in women’s lives. Eighty-six women and girls from all across the globe contributed to this beautiful collection of stories, letters, poems and photographs, sharing the funny, sad and amazing tales of their relationships with dogs. Readers will cry and laugh as they enjoy this homage to their best friends: dogs they’ve grown up with; dogs with incredible character; dogs who’ve changed – even saved – women’s lives. Read more

Also in the series

Cat Tales Image

Cat Tales: The Meaning of Cats in Women's Lives 
Jan Fook, Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein (eds.) 

Cat Tales: The Meaning Of Cats In Women's Lives is a delightful collection of writing from women and girls all around the world, accompanied by beautiful photographs of their feline friends. There are cats of all colours and sizes - from the city, the farm, the bush; cats who can open fridges, sign contracts, and cats-in-drag. They get stuck in strange places and survive amazing ordeals. Some disappear only to return mysteriously; others live on as most treasured memories. They entertain, amuse, frustrate and delight us; they tug at our hearts and offer insight into our lives. A sister volume to the internationally successful A Girl's Best Friend, this book explores the relationships between women and their cats- or more aptly, cats and their women. Read more.

Horse Dreams Cover Image

HorseDreams: The Meaning of Horses in Women's Lives 
Jan Fook, Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein (eds.) 

HorseDreams explores the beautiful, intense and often funny relationships between women and horses – creatures that carry their female friends through life, offering strong, silent companionship, and the chance to escape, if only in their imagination. Humour, devotion, warmth and enthusiasm shine through tales of scruffy childhood ponies, sleek brave thoroughbreds and even the occasional donkey, seahorse or carousel steed. Read more.

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