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Spinifex Press is an award-winning independent feminist press, publishing innovative and controversial feminist books with an optimistic edge.

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SukiMisogyny Re-loadedRU 486Being and Being BoughtJuno and Hannah
Not a Choice, Not a JobLimenPaid ForTown of LoveInvisible Women of Prehistory
In the lead up to The Stella Prize on April 29, Spinifex is offering the following titles by our acclaimed International authors at ridiculously low prices.

The World According to Monsanto


 * Special Price $24.95

Normally $34.99

Everything Good Will Come


 * Special Price $16.95

Normally $26.99

Seeking Palestine


 * Special Price $17.99

Normally $27.99

Feminist Fables 


 * Special Price $9.95

Normally $19.99

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