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Untamed Females vs. Imperial Roman Patriarchy 
Event with Susan Hawthorne and Max Dashu

Sunday 9th November, 8pm
35 Whalley Street, Northcote 
$15-20 sliding scale 
Bookings: 03 9329 6088 
Limited places: book early!

Susan shares new poems from her book Lupa and Lamb, drawing on the mythic archives about wolves and sheep. Max presents a visual talk on the Magna Mater -- how Goddess cultures of many countries were hybridized during the Roman empire.

Susan Hawthorne’s Lupa and Lamb, her ninth collection of poetry, was written on an Australia Council residency in Rome. An award-winning poet, her work has been broadcast on national radio and published and performed internationally. Her books draw on her mythic, poetic, and linguistic researches. 

Max Dashu is a historian who has created a vast collection of female iconography and over 100 visual presentations, video dvds (most recently, Woman Shaman: the Ancients) and a forthcoming book series, Secret History of the Witches. She is currently teaching an online course on Witches. 

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