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Book of the Week


Paid For : My Journey Through Prostitution

by Rachel Moran

Chosen as 'book of the week' in light of the fact that regrettably Amnesty International has voted to recognise prostitution as a human right. Amnesty is arguing that prostitution is a matter of free choice, a stance heavily promoted by the multibillion-dollar commercial sex industry. Amnesty is putting forth the view that sex work is compatible with the principle of gender equality and nondiscrimination, as if it were a job like any other.

In taking this stance Amnesty is proposing that prostitution and sex trafficking are entirely unrelated. Yet in reality the economics of supply and demand dictate that demand for prostitution fuels sex trafficking to supply it.

In the book Paid For, a compelling analysis of author Rachel Moran’s experience in the sex trade, she describes three types of men who patronize prostitution: those who assume the women they buy have no human feelings; those who are conscious of a woman’s humanity but choose to ignore it; and those who derive sexual pleasure from reducing the humanity of women they buy.

An online petition has been started by Former US president Jimmy Carter, who is urging Amnesty not to endorse commercial sexual exploitation as a right.

Rachel Moran has wrought out of the depravity of the ‘prostitution experience’ an inspirational and brilliant memoir. Courageous and tender; ultimately her story is a searing indictment of men who buy sex. 
- Kathleen Barry, author of Female Sexual Slavery,The Prostitution of Sexuality and Unmaking War, Remaking Men.

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