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Spinifex Press Newsletter
Issue 63, October 2015

Welcome to the October edition of The Spin packed with news about our latest release, book reviews and launches, and details of our author events.



Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journey

by Penny Mackieson

Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journey is a passionate, heart-wrenching and unflinchingly honest account of one woman's life as an adopted person and her campaign for change. The author presents a compelling argument for Permanent Care instead of adoption for vulnerable children unable to be raised by their families.

This is a lightning rod of a book, one that will summon thunderclaps of applause and disapproval. I am not saying I agree with the argument the author makes; I am saying I admire the naked personal honesty with which she makes it. Whatever viewpoint you have at the end of this book, I guarantee you this – you will think, and feel, more deeply about the issue of adoption.
— Martin Flanagan, author and journalist The Age


Time: 5-6PM
Place: Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, 251 Faraday St, Carlton, Victoria.
To be launched by Coleen Clare, Manager of VANISH



Haifa Fragments

In spite of Maisoon’s activist proclivities, Haifa Fragments is not really an activist novel. Not at all. It’s a series of beautifully sketched love stories – of Maisoon’s, her parents’ and her good friend Shahd, who lives in the West Bank and is in love with a doctor.  — Amanda Hickey, Verity La


Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journey

Penny Mackieson’s book
Adoption Deception is a well-researched documentation of adoption denial in Australia. By denial we mean that the complex issues associated with the separation of mother and child is ignored in favour of the needs of those who wish to create a family at all costs, the book reinforces the Origins perspective that adoption only serves the needs of those that choose or unable to have their own children.

Lily Arthur,  Coordinator of SPSA Inc
Supporting People Separated by Adoption

Great radio interview on ABC's 774
Penny Mackieson, author of Adoption Deception spoke with Richard Stubbs on October 26


Emily Yu Zong interviews Merlinda Bobis, author of  Locust Girl

It is definitely a post-apocalyptic novel set in this futuristic nightmare, but not without hope. However, it is also very much about the present times. It is about the colonisation and control of resources, sometimes in the pretext of preserving them—but who are you preserving them for? Who are you conserving the earth for—only for your people? These realities of colonisation (and globalisation) have been happening through the ages.
Mascara Literary Review



by Hoa Pham

Covering death, suicide, self-harming, school shootings, earthquake and tsunamis, forbidden love, homosexuality, and family traditions. Overwhelmingly shocking, catching you unaware at times  —
Pauline Csuba, The Australian Writer.


Spinifex authors Sandy Jeffs,(front right) author of The Mad Poet's Tea Party  and Hoa Pham, (back right) author of Wave joined other guest authors at the Coal Creek Literary Festival in Korumburra on October 3.


Poet and author of The Abbotsford Mysteries, Patricia Sykes was the guest speaker at Baw Baw Writers Network AGM on October 15 where as usual she gave a 'fantastic' talk.  


Publishers and authors Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne participated in a round table discussion- a dialogue between 4 feminist publishers from 3 continents 'Independent feminist publishing across borders' at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair.

Susan also participated in a session at the Goethe University organised by the English Department that specialises in Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Literature where a large audience of students showed a lively interest in Australian literature.

The busy schedule continued with Susan taking part in a worthy discussion on the subject of BORDERS & BARRIERS, CULTURES & CROSSROADS II: HOW TO COUNTER EXTREMISM and a Roundtable on Feminist Publishing organised by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers and Frankfurt Book Fair’s Centre for Global Reading.

Well done Susan and Renate.


Francesca Rendle-Short, took part in the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators conference in Manila. Essaying Manila, led by Francesca Rendle-Short and David Carlin was a collaborative workshop building on improvisational techniques, involving an active immersion in place (through walking) as well as structured 'essaying'. Francesca is the author of Imago and Bite Your Tongue, two wonderful books.


Merlinda Bobis's fantastic Locust Girl is being launched at the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators’ 2015 Conference

Merlinda's  other events:
2. Taking part in discussion on LOVE IN A TIME OF DISSONANCE



What would a Melbourne-based feminist publisher have in common with a small publishing house in Yerevan, Armenia? They might have different ambitions, different markets and different challenges, writes Susan Hawthorne, but both believe in the importance of a flourishing independent press.

Books from the present for the future – A very interesting new post by Susan Hawthorne, author of Bibliodiversity: A Manifesto for Independent Publishing



Spinifex Press titles are now available through the Spinifex website. If a book is available as an eBook, you can see next to the cover Instant download and, where the price is listed, a link to the download. Please note that just as we respect the copyright and moral right of our authors in print version, we expect purchasers to do the same and to treat each download ethically. Please do not break this trust. Spinifex is an unfunded independent feminist press which depends on readers’ support through purchasing our books and eBooks.

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Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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