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Main : cyberculture, feminism, non-fiction, technology

ISBN: 9781875559688
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426 pp
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Cyberfeminism: Connectivity, Critique and Creativity
Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne (eds.)
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An international anthology of writings on cyberculture and feminist interventions. A diverse and at times fractious discussion of issues raised by these new forms of cultural expression. The contributors engage with a range of questions including: What is cyberfeminism? How does feminism influence multimedia production? What are the possibilities for feminist activism and research on the internet? How are colonisation, cybersex and virtuality to be theorised? How do these technologies affect our theories about bodies and minds? And what are the implications for creative artists?

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If you're a cyberworm or otherwise - then this anthology is a thought-provoking read.
Natasha Mitchell, The Science Show, ABC Radio National

I’d recommend the book for anyone currently studying either a technology- or media-related course, or interested in these issues.

Jim Richards, Insights

The great strength of CyberFeminism is the desire to actualize strong critiques of the digital assumptions and promises of the era.

Tara Brabazon, Australian Popular Culture and Media Studies

Table of Contents

CyberFeminism: Introduction Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein


Home and the World: The Internet as a Personal and Political Tool Bandana Pattanaik

WomenClick: Feminism and the Internet Scarlet Pollock and Jo Sutton

Online Teaching: No Fear of Flying in Cyberspace Laurel Guymer

Email Forums and Women’s Studies: The Example of WMST-L Joan Korenman

Everyday Use: Women, Work and Online Play Alesia Montgomery

Connectivity: Cultural Practice of the Powerful or Subversion from the Margins? Susan Hawthorne


Information for People or Profits? Beth Stafford

8 The Internet and the Global Prostitution Industry Donna Hughes

9 If I’m a Cyborg rather than a Goddess will Patriarchy go away? Renate Klein

10 Cyborgs, Virtual Bodies and Organic Bodies: Theoretical Feminist Responses Susan Hawthorne

11 Feminist Poetics and Cybercolonisation Josie Arnold


12 Why Virtual Reality? Miriam English

13 The Nickelodeon Days of Cyberspace Kathy Mueller

14 Cyberfiction: A Fictional Journey into Cyberspace (or How I became a Cyberfeminist) Beryl Fletcher

15 Making a Multimedia Title Virginia Westwood and Heather Kaufmann

16 Fiction and Interactive Multimedia Carmel Bird

17 A Meme of Great Power or What the God Vishnu has to do with the Internet Suniti Namjoshi

18 Other Locations: A Hypertext Fable and Some Explanation Suniti Namjoshi

19 Unstopped Mouths and Infinite Appetites: Developing a Hypertext of Lesbian Culture Susan Hawthorne


Notes on Contributors 


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