Author/Editor: Susanne Kappeler


Susanne Kappeler is a freelance writer and teacher in England and Germany. She is the author of The Pornography of Representation and The Will to Violence: The Politics of Personal Behaviour (1995).

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Will To Violence, The

Out Now
Adoption Deception

Adoption Deception

Penny Mackieson

What is it like to be adopted, have your identity changed and never feel quite at home in your new family, despite...

Locust Girl

Locust Girl

Merlinda Bobis

Most everything has dried up: water, the womb, even the love among lovers. Hunger is rife, except across the border....



Hoa Pham

I remember how you were,
not how you are. We were we
until we became you and I.

Midori and Âu Cô are international

The Mad Poet’s Tea Party

The Mad Poet’s Tea Party

Sandy Jeffs

but I am madness

and madness is me

it holds you captive

like a hapless bunny

caught in the headlights.

In this...

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