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Sent on: 06-Nov-2017

Spinifex Press Newsletter
Spin Newsletter Nov 2017
Welcome to The Spin newsletter coming to you from Spinifex Press, the award-winning independent feminist press. This October edition brings our latest releases, book reviews, launches and author events.

New release for October

The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth

by Julie Bindel


This book examines one of the most contested issues facing feminists, human rights activists and governments around the globe – the international sex trade. For decades, the liberal left has been conflicted as to whether ‘sex worker’ activists or abolitionists hold the correct view, and debates are ongoing as to who holds the key to the solutions facing the women and girls involved.

Bold, brilliant and brave. This is Julie Bindel at her best, demolishing the myths around prostitution and asking us to listen to survivors, the women and men who know the ugly reality first-hand.
— Joan Smith, author of Misogynies

Recent and forthcoming book launches

Dark Matters : A novel

by Susan Hawthorne


... The writing is virtuosic in its adjustments – in turn, meditative, speculative, lyrical, then stuttering in broke-back phrases of pain and sorrow, or, again, falling swift and flamboyant, in meteoric, scintillating image-events.— Marion May Campbell who launched Dark Matters: A novel at Collected Works in Melbourne on Wednesday October 18.

Susan Hawthorne’s stunning novel, Dark Matters, is both a work of art and an exploration of important social issues... Dark Matters is about dreadful, challenging subjects. And though its story is about terror, it is also a story about family, women’s heroism, and love.— Judith Laura, Medusa Coils

Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation

by Renate Klein


Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation was launched by Penny Mackieson at Readings Bookshop, Carlton on Thursday October 19.

In Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation Renate Klein details her objections to surrogacy by examining the short- and long-term harms done to the so-called surrogate mothers, egg providers and the female partner in a heterosexual commissioning couple. Klein also looks at the rights of children and compares surrogacy to (forced) adoption practices. She concludes that surrogacy, whether so-called altruistic or commercial can never be ethical and outlines forms of resistance to Stop Surrogacy Now important book that provides a much-needed opposing view on surrogacy.— Marisa Wikramanayake, Books+Publishing

The launches of Dark Matters: A novel and Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation continued in Canberra, Brisbane, and next week in Townsville.

Canberra, 24 October at MUSE.
Surrogacy: A Human Right Violation by Renate Klein launched by Melinda Tankard Reist
Dark Matters: A novel  by Susan Hawthorne launched by Suzanne Bellamy

Brisbane, 31 October at Avid Reader
Surrogacy: A Human Right Violation by Renate Klein launched by Morgan King
Dark Matters: A novel  by Susan Hawthorne launched by Dani Tauni

Coming up: Townsville, 6 November at Mary Who Bookshop, 5.30 for 6 pm
Surrogacy: A Human Right Violation by Renate Klein to be launched by Betty McLellan
Dark Matters: A novel  by Susan Hawthorne to be launched by Coralie McClean

Book Review

Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed

by Helen Lobato


Lobato details the flawed science, egotism, Big Pharma profiteering, political manouvering and media failures behind this dangerous HPV vaccine that was never properly tested. She calls on concerned citizens to publicize the truth, and for moratoriums, independent inquiries and compensation to be put in place. A powerful rallying cry —
Ruth Parnell, Nexus Magazine

Author Events

Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne at the Frankfurt Book Fair this month.

For 25 years Spinifex publishers Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne have attended the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. This year in recognition of their commitment they were presented with a fabulous chocolate cake and certificate. Well Done!

Lady of the Realm

by Hoa Pham


Hoa Pham is the author of Lady of the Realm. On Saturday 28th of October Hoa Pham took part in Boundless, a festival of diverse writers at the Bankstown Arts Centre, NSW.

Accidents of Composition

by Merlinda Bobis


During her recent overseas trip, multi-award winning author Merlinda Bobis presented and performed at UCLA.

In her latest collection of poetry, award-winning author Merlinda Bobis traces the accidents of art and life. Drawing on the journal of Pigafetta whose writings have become an accident of history, Merlinda Bobis composes with an attuned ear and her poems are rich with imagery; with breath and heart.

Authors in the Media


Commentator and co-editor of Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Porn Industry  Melinda Tankard Reist has her opinion on the legacy of Hugh Hefner published on the ABC's Religion & Ethics. Her article was titled The House that Hef Built: Hugh Hefner's Dark Legacy.

A serial collector of women who kept women as pets, like cute bouncing creatures in a petting zoo, is being hailed a hero. A man whose harem of wives, girlfriends, mistresses and rotating cast of Girls Next Door was projected for the vicarious pleasure of millions of men, is, apparently, a modern secular saint.
— Melinda Tankard Reist



Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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The Pimping of Prostitution

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