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Sent on: 09-May-2017

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Issue 80
Issue 80


Welcome to The Spin newsletter coming to you from Spinifex Press, the award-winning independent feminist press. This edition brings the latest news and reviews plus our new book releases.

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ew Release - Out Now

Original, moving and written in a blistering prose style that is thrilling to read, this book is the real raw deal.—Julia Bell

We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire

by Jules Grant

This stunning literary debut, voiced by a lesbian gangster Donna and her streetwise daughter Aurora, is steeped in the gang and gun culture of Manchester's criminal underworld. It is both an unforgettable love story and an unputdownable revenge thriller. A tale of friendship, survival and finding out how far you'd go to avenge and protect those you love, We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire is a thrillingly original crime novel that unfolds at breakneck speed - at once furious, tender and heartbreaking.

Forthcoming Releases for the month of June


Lady of the Realm

by Hoa Pham

Touched by the Lady of the Realm, Liên dreams of bones and bodies under the sea. The prescient warnings from the Lady weigh heavily on Liên, who is burdened by her inability to save everyone. But she knows that the Lady speaks most to those who listen.
Set against the background of the Vietnam/American war we follow Liên’s path across five decades that are punctuated by endless war and suffering.


Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed

by Helen Lobato

In Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed Helen Lobato argues that we do not know whether HPV vaccines will decrease the incidence of cervical cancer. What is emerging, however, is evidence of their harmful effects. In 2006, the experimental HPV vaccination program began and there have been at least 315 associated deaths and more than 50,000 adverse events following HPV vaccination. Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed documents the early history of cervical cancer and tracks its progression from a disease of obscurity to one of mainstream prominence.

Book Review


The End Of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men

by Robert Jensen

This work exposes a few open wounds worthy of discussion. For men who believe in feminism and want to be respectful allies, these matters are especially meaningful.
— Ernesto Aguilar, Feminist Current

I recommend this book precisely because it is written by a man who reflects upon patriarchy as a social structure that dehumanizes both men and women, and who does so without asserting a false equivalence between men’s experiences and the threats that women face and the injuries we experience
. — Heather Brunskell-Evans, Dignity

Author News

Susan Hawthorne with Cate Blake, Commissioning Editor, Penguin Random House at the recent Inspire Awards

Congratulations to Susan Hawthorne for her 2017 Inspire Award. Susan was awarded the Penguin Random House Best Achievement In Writing Award. Her award was given for her work as an outstanding lifetime contributor to increasing people's awareness of disability, both in her creative work as a writer, poet and performer, and as a publisher. In many of her books, she talks about epilepsy and living life with a disability. Her book, The Falling Woman deals with a character who has epilepsy.

The German edition of Susan Hawthorne's Bibliodiversity:A Manifesto for Independent Publishing was recently launched at the 2017 Leipzig Book Fair.

Susan Hawthorne at the Verbrecher stand with the German translation of Bibliodiversity. In the second photo Susan Hawthorne, Jörg Sundermeier (publisher Verbrecher), Doris Hermanns (translator), Renate Klein (Spinifex publisher).

Author Events

Merlinda Bobis, author of Locust Girl  took part in storytelling home and away: nation, community and diaspora (the Filipino perspective) at the Castlemaine State Festival last month.


Sandy Jeffs, author of The Mad Poet's Tea Party  joined Bruce Pascoe, Alexis Wright, Tony Birch, Ramona Koval and Andy Jackson at the Christmas Hills Readers and Writers Festival in late april.

Patricia Sykes author of The Abbotsford Mysteries read a poem at the ANZAC Day dawn service held at Ferntree Gully, Victoria. She wrote it for her maternal grandfather who never made it home from WW1 and therefore never met her mother, his only child. Not surprising then that the title is 'Father Unknown'

Forthcoming Author Events


Robert Jensen, a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, and the author of The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men is a guest at this year's Sydney Writer's Festival. Robert is taking part in a panel discussion System Breakdown where he is joined by Tim Flannery, Penny Griffin and Professor Mark Moran. In Nevertheless, she persisted Robert and Clementine Ford talk to Catherine Fox about the state of patriarchy today, and why the future is female.

On May 30 at 6.30 pm Robert will be joining Mary Crooks, executive director of the Victorian Women’s Trust in a fascinating conversation The State of Being Equal: The End of Patriarchy at Readings Carlton

And for another chance to catch up with Robert he'll be giving a talk called Feminism – what’s in it for men? at the Bendigo Writers Festival to be held at The Capital, 50 View St, Bendigo 6pm on May 31.

Authors in the Media

Rachel Moran author of Paid For  Hails Law Criminalizing Purchase of Sex in Ireland

On March 27, the Sexual Offences Act finally passed into Irish law. The activists involved in its passage, including myself, had pressed for this law for anything between six and 10 years. It is difficult to describe how it feels to live in a country where the purchase of sexual consent has finally been outlawed...We need to unlock our minds and understand that this Irish victory, which has been hailed as wonderful, magnificent and marvelous, is in fact the simple restoration of bodily integrity: the most basic of human rights.truthdig






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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

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I’ve planted myself in the audience
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I'm the Girl Who Was Raped

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That morning, Michelle had...

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