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Spinifex Press Newsletter
Issue February, 2017
Welcome to the February 2017 edition of The Spin newsletter from the award-winning independent feminist press.

Latest Release

Now selling like hot cakes in the US and Canada

The End of Patriarchy
by Robert Jensen

The pathology of patriarchy, the idea that one group of people should control another—even own them, own even life itself—is at the core of today’s crises.

The End of Patriarchy asks one key question: What do we need to create and maintain stable, decent human communities that can remain in a sustainable relationship with the larger living world?

Robert Jensen’s answer is feminism and a critique of patriarchy.

This work exposes a few open wounds worthy of discussion. For men who believe in feminism and want to be respectful allies, these matters are especially meaningfulErnesto Aguilar, Feminist Current

Book Reviews

A review of Bibliodiversity in Swiss publication Le Courrier. Great for those of us who understand and read French. For those who don't there are many other reviews written in English on our web page.

Dans Bibliodiversité, l'Australienne Susan Hawthorne joue sur l'analogie écologiste pour montrer, à l'heure des «monocultures de l'esprit», l'importance de l'édition indépendanteJosé Antonio Garcia Simon, Le Courrier

Turkish Translation of Haifa Fragments

Good to see that the Turkish translation of Haifa Fragments by khulud khamis is now available

You can also read Haifa Fragments in Italian

But Haifa Fragments is a special book, a novel set as the title suggests in Haifa, a city where I spent time a while back, on a subject that has been dear to my heart for over a quarter of a centurySara Dowse

Authors in the media

Munya Andrews is the author of The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Recenly she was interviewed on Overnights on the ABC.

In The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades Munya Andrews, a Bardi woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, examines the myths and legends of the Pleiades from Indigenous and ancient cultures around the world. Designated at M45 on astronomy charts and maps, the nine visible stars are named after the Seven Sisters from Ancient Greek mythology, and their parents, Atlas and Pleione.

Forthcoming author events

Leipzig Book Fair and the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin

March 22-25, 2017

Susan Hawthorne, author of Bibliodiversity: A Manifesto for Independent Publishing is to be a guest of the Leipzig Book Fair and the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin where she will be discussing Bibliodiversity and the future of publishing.

In Bibliodiversity, Susan Hawthorne provides a scathing critique of the global publishing industry set against a visionary proposal for organic publishing. She looks at free speech and fair speech, at the environmental costs of mainstream publishing and at the promises and challenges of the move to digital.

Castlemaine State Festival

Thursday March 23

Merlinda Bobis author of Locust Girl takes part in Storytelling home and away:nation, community and diaspora (the Filipino prspective) at the forthcoming Castlemaine State Festival

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