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Sent on: 25-Sep-2015

Spinifex Press Newsletter
Issue 62, September 2015

Welcome to the September edition of The Spin packed with news about our forthcoming release, book reviews, and details of our author events.

October 20


ADOPTION DECEPTION: A personal and professional journey

by Penny Mackieson

Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journey is a passionate, heart-wrenching and unflinchingly honest account of one woman's life as an adopted person and her campaign for change. The author presents a compelling argument for Permanent Care instead of adoption for vulnerable children unable to be raised by their families.

This is a lightning rod of a book, one that will summon thunderclaps of applause and disapproval. I am not saying I agree with the argument the author makes; I am saying I admire the naked personal honesty with which she makes it. Whatever viewpoint you have at the end of this book, I guarantee you this – you will think, and feel, more deeply about the issue of adoption.
— Martin Flanagan, author and journalist The Age



by Lesley Thomson

For a limited period this gripping novel is available for just $20 along with free postage

A child disappears.
A woman grows up harbouring a terrible secret.
Her daughter wants to know the truth.

It's the summer of 1968, the day Senator Robert Kennedy is shot. Two 9-year-old girls, Eleanor Ramsay and Alice Howland, are playing hide and seek in the ruins of The Mills, a deserted village on the Sussex coast. When it is Eleanor's turn to hide, Alice disappears.

This is a spellbinding mystery of obsession and guilt. It is also the poignant story of what happens to those who are left behind when a child vanishes without trace.

"How long have you known?" Chris cleared her throat. "Until tonight, not properly. Or maybe I've always known."
"What do you mean?"
"My friends never said anything. But they would giggle or blush if he was near, or far worse, I saw their fear. In the end they didn't come. So there was only Alice.
In those days there was no word for it."

Lesley Thomson is a class above, and A Kind of Vanishing is a novel to treasure.
Ian Rankin



LOCUST GIRL: a lovesong

by Merlinda Bobis

Bobis provides the reader with a quest, a coming-of-age story, but overwhelmingly a political allegory. It is our world presented here, curiously refracted to present something akin to the film Fantastic Planet. Body parts are traded; colour-coded boxes spiel the party line; borders are fiercely defended. Here greed and ecological folly lead to scarce natural resources, hoarded by a privileged, paranoid few. — Lucy Sussex, Sydney Morning Herald



by Susan Hawthorne

Lupa and Lamb, Susan Hawthorne’s latest pithy collection of poetry, continues her work to break down the separations between humans and nonhumans, with the lyrical savvy that marks her previous collection, Cow. As the narrative of this work unfolds it becomes evident that feminist intent cannot be separated from an ethical requirement to release nonhumans from oppression.
— Susan Pyke, Plumwood Mountain



by Hoa Pham

Pham has written a creative and moving story using the particularity of two women to address the universal dangers we face in today’s world. Her writing is powerful, spare, and beautiful. Her sense of the psychology of her characters brings them into our reality. This is a fine book that I recommend wholeheartedly. — Me, You, and Books



Hoa Pham, author of Wave and Francesca Rendle-Short author of Bite Your Tongue were guests at the recent Melbourne Writers Festival.

In partnership with Brisbane Writers Festival outspoken presented Olivera Simić, author of Surviving Peace, A Political Memoir

Podcast available online


Poet and author of The Abbotsford Mysteries, Patricia Sykes gave a great talk at Ex Libris Festival of Words in Port Fairie on September 12


Publisher, author and poet Susan Hawthorne attended the National Writer's Congress In Sydney and participated in a conversation about the Australian book industry: What is it and what does it do? Who benefits?


Sandy Jeffs, author of The Mad Poet's Tea Party and Hoa Pham, author of Wave will be speaking at the Coal Creek Literary Festival to take place in Korumburra on Saturday October 3


Publishers and authors Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein are travelling to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October and will be participating in a forum on Independent feminist publishing across borders – dialogue between 4 feminist publishers from 3 continents.

Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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