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Sent on: 26-May-2015

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The Spin Newsletter, Issue 58, May 2015

Welcome to the May edition of the Spin. It's been a busy but stimulating month with the release of The Floating Garden by debut author Emma Asmere and the forthcoming release of The Mad Poet's Tea Party by Melbourne award-winning poet Sandy Jeffs.


The Floating Garden

Photo: Emma Ashmere at her book launch in Mullumbimby.

The Floating Garden has received great reviews in both The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Debut author Emma Ashmere has also appeared on Books + and Books and Arts on Radio National.
Emma Ashmere's debut is a beautifully detailed historical novel, full of tenacious and likeable women asserting themselves through guile. Finely crafted, The Floating Garden is at once an elegy for the forgotten and a subversive counter-history to the tumult of rapid progress.
Cameron Woodhead, The Age


The Mad Poet's Tea Party

The Mad Poet’s Tea Party provides a devastating commentary on how our society treats those with mental illness from the perspective of someone who has experienced all its interventions. It captures in poetic form the enigmas and contradiction in madness.


Lupa and Lamb

Lupa and Lamb is an original book, illuminating and imaginative Heather Taylor Johnson, Rain Taxi

Seed Sovereignty, Food Security: Women in the Vanguard


Look out for the July edition of the Organic Gardener magazine where world-renowned environmental activist and author Dr Vandana Shiva speaks with Kirsten Bradley about the big issues facing the future of farming, food security and seed freedom.

Bibliodiversity: A Manifesto for Independent Publishing

'As a reader, venturing only to the front of the bookshop is a bit like visiting Europe or Asia or Africa in five days. Exploring ideas takes time’
—Author of Bibliodiversity and Spinifex Press director, Susan Hawthorne encourages readers to look beyond the bestsellers in her article on ‘organic’ book publishing in The Conversation


Sandy Jeffs new book of poems will be launched on Thursday June 11 by Jennifer Harrison

Time:6.30 for 7pm
Place: Christmas Hills Mechanics Institute Hall
787 Ridge Rd
Christmas Hills


On May 12 Author, poet and publisher, Susan Hawthorne participated in the LEE MARVIN readings

Susan also appeared at the TWO FIRES FESTIVAL along with Anne Elvey and Michael Farrell on Saturday 16 May, at Braidwood, NSW.



Renate Klein, biologist, social scientist and long-term women's health researcher, and co-publisher at Spinifex Press writes on the ethics of surrogacy
I suggest we call out this cruel business for what it is: trafficking in babies; reproductive slavery; a violation of the human rights of both the birth mother and her offspring.



Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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