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The Spin Newsletter, Issue 51, October 2014


Olivera Simić in conversation with Griffith Review editor, Julianne Schultz

Thursday, 16, October, 2014
6:00:pm - 8:00:pm 
Avid Reader Bookshop - 193 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane
Free event, bookings required:

How do you pick up the pieces after your life is shattered by war? How do you continue living when your country no longer exists, your language is no longer spoken and your family is divided, not just by distance but by politics too? What happens when your old identity is taken from you and a new one imposed, one that you never asked for?


When Olivera Simić was seven years old, President Tito died. Old divisions re-emerged as bitter ethnic conflicts unfolded. War arrived in 1992. People were no longer Yugoslavs but Serbs, Croatians, Bosniaks. Old friends became enemies overnight.


In this heartfelt account of life before, during and after the Bosnian War and the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, Simić talks of her transition from peace to war and back again. She shows how she found the determination to build a new life when the old one was irretrievable.

Untamed Females vs. Imperial Roman Patriarchy
Event with Susan Hawthorne and Max Dashu

Sunday 9th November, 8pm
35 Whalley Street, Northcote
$15-20 sliding scale
Bookings: 03 9329 6088
Limited places: book early!

Susan shares new poems from her book Lupa and Lamb, drawing on the mythic archives about wolves and sheep. Max presents a visual talk on the Magna Mater -- how Goddess cultures of many countries were hybridized during the Roman empire.

Susan Hawthorne’s Lupa and Lamb, her ninth collection of poetry, was written on an Australia Council residency in Rome. An award-winning poet, her work has been broadcast on national radio and published and performed internationally. Her books draw on her mythic, poetic, and linguistic researches.

Max Dashu is a historian who has created a vast collection of female iconography and over 100 visual presentations, video dvds (most recently, Woman Shaman: the Ancients) and a forthcoming book series, Secret History of the Witches. She is currently teaching an online course on Witches. 


Susan Hawthorne will present a keynote address on her Bibliodiversity Manifesto to open the ‘industry day’ of the Independent Publishers Conference in Sydney, on Friday 14 November. The draft program for the Friday sessions is now available.


Some bestselling Spinifex books are being reprinted, and will be hitting bookshelves soon!


My Sister Chaos by Lara Fergus

Town of Love by Anne Ch. Ostby


Not For Sale edited by Christine Stark & Rebecca Whisnant
Being and Being Bought by Kajsa Ekis Ekman


Magoism reviews Susan Hawthorne's new poetry collection Lupa and Lamb: "Read this book many times, and aloud to each other: in this way you may enjoy the journey that it is, and help bring the archaic future into being."



Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current has done a fantastic interview with Kajsa Ekis Ekman, author of Being and Being Bought. Kajsa explores the history of surrogacy, who is hiring surrogates and why, and her arguments against surrogacy.

There's an extract from Susan Hawthorne's Bibliodiversity: A Manifesto for Independent Publishing up on the Australian Author website! Read it now:

Literature and orature create culture and are the basis of films, theatre, music, art and many other cultural forms. Imagine a world without fairy stories, poetry, songs and all the art forms that allude to the tales that humans have told over many millennia.


Susan was also invited to attend Open Book Festival in Capetown, promoting feminist publishing and Bibliodiversity. Here she is with Brazilian publishers Haroldo Ceravolo Sereza and Mariana Warth, and in a talk with Ester Levinrad, Colleen Higgs and Ritu Menon - all members of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers

Writer's Edit interviewed Merlinda Bobis, author of Fish-Hair Woman.

Here's an excerpt from the interview: What I like about Spinifex is their passion for the integrity of your story, of your text. In the editing process, in the production process they will help you make the book come into being as you envisioned it, to help you realise your vision. They do not say ‘Why don’t you do this, because it would be easier’. So you do not have the pressure. The independent publisher will go for the book, even if they know this will be harder to sell, because they believe in it.


Anne Ch. Ostby, author of Town of Love recently at the Ubud Literary Festival, a celebration of global issues, big ideas and extraordinary stories. In Town of Love, Anne Ch. Ostby paints a vivid picture of some of the world’s most vulnerable women and children. And the “women of love” do exist in India today, in the northern state of Bihar, where the author has travelled extensively and come to know them. Raw and gripping, a story that is guaranteed to leave you breathless.


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