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Sent on: 07-May-2014

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The Spin Newsletter, Issue 47, May 2014

The new edition of Judith Wright's The Coral Battleground is now available. Here's what our endorsers have to say: 

"Where is the fire in their belly?" Judith Wright asked me of the millions who claim to be environmentalists but do nothing or, worse still, vote for the wreckers. Her Coral Battleground is a call to action from last century to save the Great Barrier Reef from ending up as a barren ruin this century. This book is a classic of ecological literature.
—Bob Brown, Environmentalist and former Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens

"Judith Wright's recount of the heroic early battles for the reef exemplifies the incredible achievements of a passionate few, who with vision and determination were able to succeed against the odds. This book is the stuff of legends and is a must read for all those who consider themselves environmental custodians. An extraordinary story in itself, The Coral Battleground now takes on an even more pertinent meaning as the Great Barrier Reef faces its biggest threat since the oil rigs of the 70s. May Judith's story inspire a new generation to fight for the reef!" 
—Bob Irwin, Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc.



Maria Mies is a German feminist and activist scholar who lives in Cologne. She is the author of numerous groundbreaking works on women and globalisation. She has worked at the Goethe Institute in India, conducted fieldwork in Andhra Pradesh and was the founding director of the Masters in Women and Development at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague in the Netherlands. She is Professor Emerita at the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) in Cologne.

Spinifex is offering readers a 40% discount on two of Maria Mies' books: Ecofeminism, written with Vandana Shiva and Spinifex Classic Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale: Women in the International Division of Labour

Spinifex is selling these two books for $20 each throughout May!


Book blog welloflostplots reviewed Susan Hawthorne's Limen, calling it "Simple, stylised black and white illustrations are also included. Taut, tense and gripping. A delightful way to spend an afternoon."


Author Merlinda Bobis (Fish-Hair Woman) will be part of ‘Bridging Cultures: Creative Writing and Literary Translation in Asia Today’ conference in Singapore. She'll be running a writing workshop on Remembering Place: From the Lived Life to Poetry to Prose: To keep a place alive in your heart, it must dwell in your mouth. Remembering a lived and loved place is a homecoming. This writing workshop will come home to the body sensing-knowing place, then re-imagining it in poetry, then ‘translating’ the poem to micro-fiction. 


Speaking of Merlinda, the adaptation of her book Fish-Hair Woman into a stageplay was wonderfully received in the Philippines, and you can now watch a YouTube clip of the production!

Spinifex author Cathie Dunsford (Ao Toa & Cowrie) is taking part in a photo exhibit: Portraits of NZ Authors.
Cathie is one of 43 NZ authors featured in the exhibit, which is on display from 21 May - 29 June in Christchurch. On 20 May Cathie will be a special guest in attendance at the exhibit's opening. 

Check out the lovely photos of Cath Koa Dunsford & Karin Meissenburg! 

Vandana Shiva (Making Peace with the Earth) is involved with the program, Our Seeds, Our Future: Strengthening Indonesia's Food Sovereignty. Our Seeds, Our Future is a collaborative project that will embrace everyone who wants to create food sovereignty in Indonesia.

Finola Moorhead's A Handwritten Modern Classsic was included in the Australian Women Writers Challenge ‘Writing in the Light’: Roundup of Queer/Lesbian Australian Women Writers list.

Zohel De Ishtar has a moving new blog up on her website, 'She Carried the Seed of Cultural Revival out of the Desert with Her'. Here is an excerpt: "She came out of the desert only 47 years ago carrying within her the seed of what was to become Kapululangu Women’s Law and Culture Centre – and uphill against incredible odds she has actively insisted that Yawulyu (Women’s Law) is practiced, enjoyed, taught, learned and maintained for the benefit of the Younger Generations. She was not alone in this, but she has been a leading light to guide the way."

Zohel De Ishtar is the author of Daughters of the Pacific & Holding Yawulyu: White Culture and Black Women's Law


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