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Sent on: 05-Dec-2013

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The Spin Newsletter, Issue 43, December 2013


One of Spinifex's new titles for 2014 will be Suniti Namjoshi's Suki. 

Suki, fabulist Suniti Namjoshi weaves a witty and delightful tapestry from threads of longing, loss, memory, metaphor, and contemplation. Suki is a lightly fictionalised memoir of one woman and her cat. Comparable to J.R. Ackerley’s My Dog Tulip, Nilanjana Roy’s The Wildings and Paul Auster’s Mr Bones, the book is full of tender wisdom and sharp insight into the unique relationship between human and animal.

Here is a short snippet: 

Between the 2nd of June 1984 and the 27th of July 1997 it’s exactly 13 x 365 + 55 + 3 (for leap year) days, that is 4,803 days. These are the days of Suki’s life. Not a great many. There are probably more leaves on the giant ash tree growing against the bank in the adjoining field. And what’s more, the tree sheds its leaves each year and grows them again. There’s probably a moral or a miracle in that, but I don’t know what it is.


There's been a small whirlwind of publicity around Merlinda Bobis, since Fish-Hair Woman won the Small Press Network's Most Underrated Book Award last month. An excerpt from the book appeared on literary journal Kill Your Darlings, and as a 'Sensational Snippet' over at the AnzLitLovers blog. Martin Shaw, book buyer for the Readings bookstore chain, also made a kind mention of Merlinda and the award in his end-of-year blog. The Illawarra Mercury ran an article on Merlinda's "sleeper hit" and Asian-Australian arts culture magazine, Peril, gave their heartfelt congratulations to Merlinda. 


More award-winning news; editors Penny Johnson and Raja Shehadeh were the deserving winners of the Middle East Monitor Award for their collection of unconventional memories written by fifteen Palestinian writers in Seeking Palestine: New Palestinian Writing on Exile and Home.


Sarah St Vincent Welch has written a stunning review of Susan Hawthorne's Cow for Rochford Street Review. Welch says of the poetry collection: "I keep wondering how to describe Cow, because it is such an unusual creature. I’ve been living with Cow, its grassy breath, sweet dung and low low, everything Cow, for some time now. Sensual and intellectual, it has made me reconsider words. I have circled and mouthed individual words, traced metaphors, savored etymologies, and been encouraged as a reader and writer." 

The Booksellers New Zealand blog have a review of new-release title Juno & Hannah: "This true slice of Kiwi gothic will get inside your head and stay with you long after the last page has been read. Cleverly combining aspects of Maori spirituality with tales of early settlers woven through with the horrifying aspects of the early eugenics movement, Juno & Hannah reminds us once again why Beryl Fletcher was the recipient of the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book back in 1992. Short at just 170 pages, a wee gem to add to your book shelf or to gift to the book lover in your life" 

Laura Fitzgerald for the Irish Socialist Party has reviewed Kajsa Ekis Ekman's Being and Being Bought: Prostitution, Surrogacy and the Split Self. Fitzgerald says of the book: "Being and Being Bought gives an incisive portrayal, not only of the sex and surrogacy industries, but also of the arguments used to justify them both, arguments that Kajsa Ekis Ekman skilfully and comprehensively pulverises. Her work is overflowing with humanity and empathy for some of the most downtrodden women and girls in the world."



Meghan Murphy asks 'Where have all the radicals gone?' And what happens, 'When feminism gets moderate?' in a podcast for The F Word over at Rabble. The second-half of the podcast is an interview with Spinifex's own Sheila Jeffreys. Murphy says: "I love this interview. Sheila Jeffreys is an incredible intellectual and a powerful voice in radical feminist discourse. She is the author of some of the most exciting and controversial feminist texts and is one of the few who continue to make radical arguments and challenge dominant discourse, regardless of the fact that these arguments often make her the subject of vicious attacks from the right, the left, and from other feminists." 

For a list of Sheila Jeffrey titles available from Spinifex, click here.


Meghan Murphy also aired a talk with Janice Raymond on the Feminist Current podcast. Raymond discusses her new book Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade. This talk was originally recorded at the annual Montreal Massacre Memorial; an event organised by Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.


An excerpt of Abigail Bray's explosive manifesto Misogyny Re-loaded has been featured in Sheilas: the e-publication from The Victorian Women's Trust. The excerpt is from chapter three in the book, "Rape Becomes Lulz" and was also reprinted on Melinda Tankard Reist's blog


Hurry! Spinifex Press is currently accepting manuscript submissions, but only until December 15! For a set of guidelines before you submit, look here - and good luck! We look forward to reading your work! 



Throughout December Spinifex is offering free postage on all orders to Australia and New Zealand. And for every three books you purchase, we'll give you Suniti Namjoshi's The Fabulous Feminist for free!

The annual Spinifex ethical gift-giving blog is now up! 


It's been a great year for Spinifex Press, here's the roll-call of titles we released; 


And there's plenty more where that came from, coming in 2014!  

Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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