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Sent on: 17-Oct-2013

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The Spin Newsletter, Issue 41, October 2013


The much-anticipated new work from Abigail Bray is an explosive manifesto and critique of modern misogyny. Everything is covered, from the treatment of Gillard to the online abuse of teenage girls. Here is a snippet from the book: Patriarchal capitalism is a child-hating mother-hating system which values work that contributes to the destruction and exploitation of life over and above work which nurtures life.

Rosalind Gill
Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, City University London has this to say of Bray's new release: "An angry, passionate and polemical book that draws connections between pornography, the pharmaceutical industry, self-help culture and social media to launch an inflammatory attack against patriarchal capitalism."

Though not officially available until November, you can now pre-order your copy of Misogyny Re-Loaded

Our other latest release is Being and Being Bought: Prostitution, Surrogacy and the Split Self by Kajsa Ekis Ekman. The book is available now! 

"Being and Being Bought is a riveting analysis of prostitution and surrogacy that shatters the great wall of lies about these two institutions. Brilliantly analyzing the parallels, Kajsa Ekis Ekman wages a multi-pronged atta
ck on sexism and classism that leaves the reader with hope for change. If you've ever wondered how to respond to those who say there are no victims in prostitution or what to say when someone proposes surrogacy as a solution to childlessness - this book is a must-read." —Melissa Farley, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and author of many articles and books about prostitution and trafficking. She founded the not-for-profit group Prostitution Research & Education in San Francisco.



In her new book Town of Love, Anne Ostby paints a vivid picture of some of the world’s most vulnerable women and children - the Indian women of the Nat caste, the ‘untouchables’. Early in September a fantastic line-up of women discussed Town of Love and the important issues it addresses in an event called Contagious Justice.

Speakers included; Anne Ostby, Mary Crooks (Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust), Kelly Hinton (Executive Director of Project Respect), Dr Caroline Norma (author and Lecturer in Global, Urban & Social Studies at RMIT) and Dr Renate Klein (author and Director of Spinifex Press). 

This was a joint-event with The Victorian Women's Trust and Project Respect.


Anne Ostby also launched Town of Love in New York in October! 


Dr Merlinda Bobis is visiting scholar at St. John's College in Vancouver. On October 23 & 25 she'll be performing River, River: Embodying What is Lost/What is Found, a play adaption of her book Fish-Hair Woman

Spinifex author and renowned environmental activist, Vandana Shiva, will be in Sydney for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on Sunday Nov 3.

Vandana's latest book is Making Peace with the Earth: Beyond Resource, Land and Food Wars, and her FODI event on Sunday November 3 is titled 'Growth = Poverty'. She will be discussing how, hard as it may be for the West to understand, protecting the ecological resources of communities might be more important than GDP figures.



Wonderul review of Beryl Fletcher's novella Juno and Hannah. Marilyn Dell Brady says of the book: "I strongly recommend Juno and Hannah to readers who like their fiction to be mysterious and emotional and to those willing to face the problems of the vulnerable in our midst." 

BookieMonster also reviewed Fletcher's novella, saying; "The characters are memorable, especially Hannah, the sister who holds it all together and in many ways mirrors our own confusion at a world we aren’t familiar with and don’t really understand."

Juno and Hannah is now available. 

Wonderful review of Susan Hawthorne's poetry novella Limen"Its images and metaphors, its slow unfolding, its fears and joys celebrate the feminine." — Patrick McCauley, Rochford Street Review 



Spinifex Directors, Susan and Renate, have been enjoying the Frankfurt Book Fair. There has been much talk about Spinifex's 2013 titles - from Misogyny Re-Loaded to Juno and Hannah - not to mention what Spinifex has in store for 2014! Susan was also invited to speak to the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, discussing bibliodiversity.  


Some not-so-nice news now. It was rather distressing to arrive at the Spinifex office a few weeks ago to find 'A Voice For Men' (men's rights activist group) had stickered our front door with this false-rape garbage. We've since been told that this is a sign that Spinifex is doing something right (!) even more so when our publicist, Pauline Hopkins, took the matter to Fairfax in a scathing online piece for DailyLife titled 'The group that believe violence against women is a conspiracy'. Pauline's piece was retweeted some 130 times, and as of October 2 had been recommended 1500 times via Facebook. So, there. 

... And let me just repeat that our latest release is Misogyny Re-Loaded, available in November and not a moment too soon, it would seem. 



Check out this amazing video of Spinifex author, Rachel Moran, speaking at the Swedish event 'Stopping prostitution and trafficking' on September 30. Rachel is author of the 2013 memoir Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution which is now available. 


Have we all been following Susan Hawthorne's amazing 'Lambda Wolf Blog'? Poet and Spinifex Director, Susan, is currently enjoying a poetry residency in Rome with the BR Whiting Studio, and has been posting snippets from the new poetry collection she's working on. Sue is also posting some spectacular photos of her travels, like this one from from the Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. Definitely worth a look and follow! 

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: 15 Nov - 15 Dec 2013

Just a small note to say that Spinifex will be opening doors (figuratively) to manuscript submissions later in the year. All the informaiton you need is right here. 


For more Spinifex news, visit our News page, Facebook or follow us on Twitter: @spinifexpress   

Best Regards,
Spinifex Press Staff

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