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Anti anti-raunch?
Added on Monday, April 12, 2010

Ex-Cleo editor and blogger Mia Freedman has given some positive airtime to our 2009 bestseller, Getting Real, but she seems to have gotten a bit gun shy after an article in the Australian portrayed her as the poster girl of the anti-porn movement. A bit of backpedalling in an attempt to distance herself from 'conservative or religious groups whose true intentions are to turn back the clock on all sorts of other things' has created an outcry on her blog.

Spinifex director Susan Hawthorne leads the charge with her response:

Dear Mia, As the publisher at Spinifex Press I want to thank you for
mentioning Getting Real again on your blog (after your earlier positive comments on Getting Real).
Getting Real is resonating with members of the community who come from a wide range of political views and life experiences. All want to bring about real change to girls’ – and women’s – lives – in exposing the pornified world we have to live in for its harmful ways. It has been incredibly gratifying to see a large and still growing number of international reviews from media outlets of all persuasions about Getting Real. Melinda Tankard Reist deserves full credit for putting together such an inspiring book. We are proud to be its publisher.

For a sampling of the many reviews Getting Real has received, visit the reviews page.

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