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New Zealand's response to the sexualisation of girls
Added on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Stepping up the fight against childhood s*xualisation', an article by Elizabeth Willmott Harrop, is now up on On Line Opinion. It talks about the New Zealand reaction to the increasing sexualisation of our children, and mentions Getting Real author Julie Gale's activism with Kids Free 2 B Kids:

If the Australian experience is anything to go by, what New Zealand needs is an individual to champion the issue. Dr Emma Rush, lead author of Corporate Paedophilia comments “Kids Free 2 B Kids founder Julie Gale is phenomenally effective. More than anything else, this is what the issue needed - a champion. Julie is a fantastic networker and has brought together a great range of people to act on the issue. She is also constantly talking about the issue to schools, at conferences and to the wider media.”

The full article is available at the On Line Opinion website.


In other Getting Real news, you can now see the latest of Melinda's appearances on Q&A on the ABC website, or read the transcript.

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