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Tuesday June 11, 6.30 for 7pm

Christmas Hills Mechanics Insitutute Hall

787 Ridge Rd

Christmas Hills

RSVP June 4

20 minutes from Eltham
Melway ref 265 H12

November 9 Time: 8PM
Susan shares new poems—drawing on the mythic archives about wolves and sheep—from her book Lupa and Lamb.
Max shows her visual talk...
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It's nearly that glorious time of year again - when the City of Literature rolls out the Melbourne Writers Festival

There are plenty of Spinifex auth...
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 Gideon Haigh will launch the new edition of Diane Bell’s Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin which invites readers into the complex and contested world of ...
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Friday, 06-Sep-2013 7:00 am



In her new book Town of Love, Anne Ostby paints a vivid picture of some of the world’s most vulnerable women and chi...
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Wednesday, 04-Sep-2013 7:00 am

In her new book Town of Love, Anne Ostby paints a vivid picture of some of the world’s most vulnerable women and children - the Indian women of the ...
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It's every book-lovers favourite time of year in Melbourne, and Festival fever has well and truly hit! Check out the Spinifex authors attending Melbo...
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Join us for a fabulous storytelling session hosted by Spinifex Press and Eltham Bookshop. These children’s stories have a delightful Indian fl...
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When two women and a dog set off on a holiday they have no inkling of what’s to come.They wake to find the river has crept up silently during the ni...
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When: Friday 10 May 2013
Where: Avid Reader, 193 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane, 6-8pm
Cost: $7.50

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Dark Matters

Dark Matters

Susan Hawthorne

In a dawn raid, Kate is arrested. She is imprisoned, beaten, kept awake and tortured. She has no idea what has happened...

Accidents of Composition

Accidents of Composition

Merlinda Bobis

The eyes catch a black bird close to an eerie sun. Instantly, a poem: an accident of composition. Or a tree, rock, light...

Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable Grandmother

Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable Grandmother

Betty McLellan

Ann Hannah was an ordinary, no-nonsense, practical woman. While a constant and caring presence in the life of her...



Helen Lobato

In Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed Helen Lobato argues that we do not know whether HPV vaccines will decrease the...

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