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Being and Being Bought is a riveting analysis of prostitution and surrogacy that shatters the great wall of lies about these two institutions. Brilliantly analysing the parallels, Kajsa Ekis Ekman wages a multi-pronged attack on sexism and classism that leaves the reader with hope for change. If you've ever wondered how to respond to those who say there are no victims in prostitution or what to say when someone proposes surrogacy as a solution to childlessness - this book is a must-read. 
Melissa Farley, Executive Director of Prostitution Research & Education, San Francisco.
It may seem outrageous to many of the proponents of commercial surrogacy that we might compare the position of the prostitute to that of the surrogate, but Ekman does an effective job of explaining the very real parallels.
Grazyna Zajdow, Arena Magazine

Ekman has to be commended for the many convictions she shakes in Being and Being Bought. It is rare to find a text exploring issues that affect women that genuinely challenges preconceptions.

Jazz Croft, NZ Booklovers
Underneath the romanticized narrative of the empowered prostitute and the benevolent surrogate lies the simple truth that these acts exploit and commercialize not only women’s bodies, but their very being.
Pauline Cooper-Ioelu, MercatorNet
Being and Being Bought gives an incisive portrayal, not only of the sex and surrogacy industries, but also of the arguments used to justify them both, arguments that Kajsa Ekis Ekman skilfully and comprehensively pulverises. Her work is overflowing with humanity and empathy for some of the most downtrodden women and girls in the world.
Laura Fitzgerald, Irish Socialist Party
Her final chapter, 'Inside the surrogacy industry' is chilling.
Beverley Kingston, Jessie Street National Women's Library Newsletter
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