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Get Used To It
Myra Hauschild, Pat Rosier

As a lesbian who has brought up children I want this book for lesbian and gay parents and their children, and as a counter to the prejudice and fear promoted by the anti-gay voices that get media attention. —Pat Rosier

Sixteen young people are interviewed about their experiences of growing up with lesbian and gay parents. As one young person relates: ‘We’re a real family with our two dads.’ ...

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Sarah Brill
She lies in the bed and she is sick. Sicker than she’s ever been. But with the sickness comes a pain and in that pain she finds a glory. And it’s the glory that gets her through. When her body heals and she is out of hospital and home with her family, she needs to seek out a new glory, a stronger glory. She finds it in starvation. A story of one girl’s struggle with herself, her life and her...

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I Started Crying Monday
Laurene Kelly
Laurene Kelly’s first young adult novel introduces us to fourteen-year-old Julie, who is struggling with a terrible home life, but could never imagine the horror that is about to destroy her family forever. She dreams of a new life, away from her abusive father, but when her mother doesn’t arrive to meet Julie and her brother Toby after school as planned, her hopes are shattered. She is told...

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Susan Hawthorne, Jeanné Browne (Art)

this tiny crack

in our lives

wind and rain strewn

stranded on the limen

that space between

water and sky

rain and sun

cold and heat


When two women and a dog set off on a holiday they have no inkling of what’s to come.

They wake to find the river has crept up silently during the night. Trapped by floodwater, they devise escape routes only to be faced with more obstacles at every...

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Accidents of Composition

Accidents of Composition

Merlinda Bobis

The eyes catch a black bird close to an eerie sun. Instantly, a poem: an accident of composition. Or a tree, rock, light...



Helen Lobato

In Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed Helen Lobato argues that we do not know whether HPV vaccines will decrease the...

Lady of the Realm

Lady of the Realm

Hoa Pham

One day there will be peace in Vietnam. But not before more war.

Touched by the Lady of the Realm, Liên dreams of...

We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire

We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire

Jules Grant

This stunning literary debut, voiced by a lesbian gangster Donna and her streetwise daughter Aurora, is steeped in the...

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