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Main : non-fiction, technology, cyberculture, community arts

ISBN: 9781875559527
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248 x 175 mm
285 pp
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Internet For Women
Rye Senjen & Jane Guthrey

The first book to be published anywhere in the world to provide women with an introduction to the Internet. The authors explore the role of gender, anonymity, privacy, pornography, harassment and security. It is a straightforward guide to the use of electronic systems, as well as a brief history of women and computers including Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper. This book is a collector’s item, a book of and for its time.
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'I'd certainly recommend this book as a practical starting place for any woman wanting to get on the internet.' Jean Weber, WESNET Journal

‘An essential tool for any female (or male) user who wants to participate in the future…’ 

Sophia Chauchard-Stuart, Independent
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