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Main : animals, anthology, autobiography, horses

ISBN: 9781876756475
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210 x 210 mm
245 pp
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Horse Dreams: The Meaning Of Horses In Women's Lives
Jan Fook, Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne (eds.)

Horses and women have always shared a bond. Why else do little girls plaster their schoolbooks with pony pictures?  Why do women spend weekends devotedly mucking out paddocks? Or willingly go out in public wearing tight, unforgiving, pale jodhpurs? How is it that otherwise fastidious females cheerfully fill their cars with hay, their nails with dirt and their boots with mud, while turning out gleaming horses, with barely a tail-hair out of place? It seems that in days when urban sprawl is overtaking paddocks and trails, and country life seems so far away, little girls (and big ones!) still dream of horses.

HorseDreams explores the beautiful, intense and often funny relationships between women and horses – creatures that carry their female friends through life, offering strong, silent companionship, and the chance to escape, if only in their imagination. Humour, devotion, warmth and enthusiasm shine through tales of scruffy childhood ponies, sleek brave thoroughbreds and even the occasional donkey, seahorse or carousel steed.

Contributors include: Marge Piercy, Caroline Taylor, Rebecca Gorman, Jenny Barnes, Di Gatehouse, Julie Copeland, Tatyana Mamonova, Pat Hodgell.


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‘This is a beautiful book for women who love riding and caring for horses, and for all those others who can only dream of the joy of having a horse in their life.’ 

Readings Summer Reading Guide

‘A beautiful coffee-table book full of photographs and horsey obsession.’ 

Emma Whale, Hawkesbury Independent

‘Whether you are horsey or not, you will find something to interest and enchant you in this collection.’ 

Nina Valentine, Ballarat Courier

Table of Contents


Preface v

Section One HorsePower 

Seven Horses Marge Piercy 

Horse- riding Instructions from an Old Bushie, Or How Not To Fall Off a Horse Munya Andrews 

Calamity Jane— The Little Feminist Horse! Caroline Taylor 

Brumbies Beatriz Copello 

Pink Clover Theo Wills-Johnson 

Horse Diary Finola Moorhead 

Sounds of the Stables Sarah Cowell 

Of Power and Control Wendy Ellerton 

Born to Run Janet Stumbo 

Horse Byte Rose Kizinska 

The Homecoming of Bungala Kiersten Coulter 

Kimberley Moonbeam the Fourth Melinda Tankard Reist 

Don’t Fence Me In Chris Sitka 

Over the Ravine Sophie Barnet 

Horse Dreams and Commonsense Pam Bjork- Billings 

La Marismeña Australiana Kirrilly Thompson 

Section Two GirlDreams 

Horses Schmorses Ginger Ekselman 

For Love, Trust and Nothing Else Linley Maroney 

For the Love of a Mare Di Gatehouse 

Clever Chap Jan Williamson 

Pedro Deborah Wardle 

Freedom is a Horse Kirsten Bowers 

Broken Memories Lana Homes 

Barbero’s Story Suzanne Coutanceau 

My Horse’s Heart Caroline Taylor 

A Horse Tale Freya Berenyi 

Tango Marion Tyree 

Pretty Girl Anna Kay 

Dedicated to Horses Shelley Virduzzo 

I Dream of Horses Julie Copeland 

What Is It About Little Girls and Horses? Martha C. Sewell 

Section Three HorseMyths 

At the Rim of the Plains Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway 

Shape- shifters Sue Booker 

Wild Wisdom Karin Meissenburg 

The Gift Margôt Erikson 

Hippocampus June Kant 

They Have My Heart, They Sing My Soul Catherine Johns 

The Woman on Horseback Claire French 

Equus Angela Crocombe 

I am a Sagittaria Tatyana Mamanova 

Stormy Susan Wills 

My Horse with a Golden Pole Cheryl Osborne 

The Last Melbourne Cup Koa Whittingham 

Section Four NightMares 

Black Horse Eve 

The Goddess Paddock Lin Van Hek 

A Holiday Romance Denise Imwold 

Night Journey Marg Peck 

For Drew Niki van Buuren 

Love is Caleb Sandra Burr 

My Friend. My Confidante. My Horse. Schantelle Edgecumbe 

The Beginning Polly Klein 

Champions Brenda Coulter 

The Horse Guard Lyn McConchie 

Fur Therapy Lorelei Dowling 

The RSPCA Horse Coral Hull 

Destiny Kate Danby 

Diary Helen McLennan 

Thanatos – Be Damned Francesca Bass 

Horsewoman Pat Hodgell 

Section Five WorkHorses 

Dress- up Donkeys Donna Jackson 

Bareback Rider Amanda Owen 

Cat Friday Rebecca Gorman 

A One Horse Tale Sharman Horwood 

Joyce Pilkington and Karumba Cassidy Mary K. Hughes 

How Many Times Do You Have to Fall? Susan Hawthorne 

The Vet Check Linda Dicmanis

Lorna’s Story Lorna Oldaker and Maralann Damiano 

Can You Feel It? Alayne Renee Blickle 

Joey Anne Deal 

The Black Horse Jenny Barnes 

Bay Rose: The Last of the Great Walers Janne Ellen 

Johnny Appleseed and Life on the Road Zohl dé Ishtar 

Section Six InterBeing 

Creatures Ann Game 

Dreaming of Pegasus, or Quin’s Story Lynda Birke 

Horsefeathers Beth Burrows 

Talent Elizabeth Campbell 

The Smell of Love Gwin Harris Steph 

Change Heather Cameron 

The Tail of a Terrible Horse Jill Mather 

The Horse Whisperers Doreen and Cathie Dunsford 

Star Louise Duval 

I Remember, I Don’t Remember Margaret Carmichael Leonard 

Lesson One: Thinking Outside the Square Anna Bianchi 

Barn Fire Sally Armbrecht 

You Ask Me About My Horse, You Ask Me About Myself Alessina Brooks 

The Orphan Foal Helen McIntyre 

A Vision of Horses and Mules Marge Piercy 


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