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Main : ecology, fiction, human rights, post-colonial

ISBN: 9781876756369
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198 x 128 mm
269 pp
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The Falling Woman
Susan Hawthorne
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A vivid desert odyssey; the falling woman travels through a haunting landscape of memory, myth and mental maps. Told in three voices – Stella, Estella and Estelle – this is an inspiring story drawn from childhood memories, imagined worlds and the pressing realities of daily life.

The Falling Woman charts one woman’s journey into the heartland. It is a journey taken across the desert, into the heart of memory, and into the mythic heart, that place to which we return in times of crisis.

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1992, The Australian's Best Books of the Year
1992 Top Twenty Title, Listener Women’s Book Festival (NZ)
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It’s the extraordinary breadth and depth of ideas that Hawthorne asks her readers to engage with her in The Falling Woman that, in many ways, makes this quite a remarkable novel. We begin to build a picture of a great alternative thinker.

Diane Brown, JAS Review

This book commands endless reflection, since it opens up the ontological question of being. Hawthorne’s book haunts me, it won’t let go. On the one hand, it journeys through an unexplored territory of mind that few apart from Dostoyevski dared look into… Let me first say that this is a perfectly structured piece of writing. Its form should help unravel the threads of signification, but we are not dealing here with the explicit, let alone the assertive, or blatant. The only certainty Hawthorne has is that nature is her cradle.

Jasna Novakovic, Australian Women’s Book Review

A remarkable lyrical first novel …

Robin Morgan, Ms Magazine

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