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Main : India, language, lesbian, poetry

ISBN: 9781876756567
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The Butterfly Effect
Susan Hawthorne
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No, here there's not a
straight line to be seen anywhere - chaos
in the shape of two vulval wings -
the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is a concept from physics in which it is surmised that small actions can have enormous consequences, and that the flutter of a butterfly's wing on one side of the world can cause devastating storms on the other side. Susan Hawthorne explores the impact of the love between lesbians. The butterfly effect is a force that can destroy families and bring down governments, but also a force full of vitality and world changing creativity.

She evokes the ancient worlds of pre-Vedic and Sapphic lovers, of Mediaeval jonglaresas and nuns 'fingering petals and hips' as well as the contemporary world of circuses and global politics.

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Hawthorne's verses reverberate with the cumulative effect of historical lesbian lives, picking up momentum and sweeping the reader along in a torrent of ideas and artifacts that may at first appear chaotic, but which are brilliantly synthesized to illustrate the potential global impact of lesbian culture.

Carolyn Gage, Lambda Literary

The Butterfly Effect is an enchanting collection of profound poetry …each poem is breathtaking in its imagery, emotionality, creativity and political consciousness.

Chelsey Clammer, Feminist Review
'The Butterfly Effect shines when read aloud.  It doubles as a quirky reference book, with tantalising factual morsels ... The occasional irregularity in this beautiful and original work should be appreciated as an indicator of a hand-made product from an ancient culture geared for the connoisseur of language and ideas.' Dawn Cohen, Australian Book Review
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