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Main : Asia, history, literary fiction, politics, religion, war

ISBN: 9781925581133
98 pp
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Lady of the Realm
Hoa Pham
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One day there will be peace in Vietnam. But not before more war.

Touched by the Lady of the Realm, Liên dreams of bones and bodies under the sea. The prescient warnings from the Lady weigh heavily on Liên, who is burdened by her inability to save everyone. But she knows that the Lady speaks most to those who listen.

Set against the background of the Vietnam/American war we follow Liên’s path across five decades that are punctuated by endless war and suffering.

Yet even in the most desperate of times, Liên refuses to be ruled by fear and anger and persists in her hope for a peaceful future.

But will hope be enough?
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The perspective is female and Buddhist, and all that Liên desires is lasting peace, which she seems doomed never to experience. The story of the 2009 destruction of the Prajna Monastery is particularly surprising and saddening.
Kerryn Goldsworthy, SMH
Compassion is quiet, still and deep as a well rippling inwards after we put down this book. We are returned to our shared humanity, that muscle holding tenderly the bone.
Merlinda Bobis
In tender, lucid prose Hoa Pham distils painful decades of Vietnam’s past into a beautiful Buddhist story of hope, survival and the possibility of transformation for everyone.
Nicholas Jose

Table of Contents


Hiếu, Love of Family, South Vietnam, 1962

Upeksha, Love that Goes Beyond all Boundaries, Saigon, 1964

Nghỉa, Love of Country , South Vietnam 1980

Metta, Loving Kindness, South Vietnam, 1991

Maitreya, True Love, South Vietnam, 2007

Karuna, Compassion, Prajna Monastery, South Vietnam 2009





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