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Main : arts, history, non-fiction, travel

ISBN: 9781875559275
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Australia For Women: Travel and Culture
Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne (eds.)

An indispensable book for anyone travelling in Australia who wants to understand how women have contributed to the culture and the history. With contributions from Indigenous writers on land, culture and life and from women who trace their heritage to one of the many waves of migrants over more than 200 years. From landscape to literature, from the history of feminism to women's involvement in film, theatre and the visual arts, from myth to music this book shows a different side of travelling in Australia.

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Translations: German, North America
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Don’t be deceived by the title: this is a book for everyone – female, male, resident and visitor.

Cassie McCullagh, Good Weekend
This is a really interesting volume to dip in to, and it is a very valuable companion to Australian cultural life, breaking out of the Crocodile Dundee, sunbronzed Aussie type of stereotype. And, I think, despite the title, there is much for men in here too!
Amazon Customer
Australia for Women is a guide to both travel and culture, geared toward the female traveler... Written by Australian women, Australia for Women gives outsiders the inside track on a vast and fascinating land.
Amazon Customer

Table of Contents


'A Brief History' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'Oh Trugganner!' by Oodgeroo Noonuccal 

'Slavery and Resistance in Australia' by Faith Bandler

'Women Convicts' by Portia Robinson

'Sheoes of Mine' by Diane Bell

'Memories of Sydney's Chinatown' by Mavis Yen

'Hospital to Hell' by Sandy Jeffs

'Women and Politics' by Janine Haines

'The Incredible Woman' by Jocelynne Scutt

'Of Test-tube Heroes and Feminist Resistance' by Renate Klein

'Feminism and Colonialism' by Uyen Loewald

'Multiculturalism' by Sabine Gleditsch

'A History of the Contemporary Women's Movement' by Susan Hawthorne

'Koori Women: Racism and Politics' by Destiny Deacon

'Lesbians in Australia' by Diana Starski

'Renaissance of the Salon' by Virginia Fraser

'Cultural Life' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'Chops 'n' Things' by Lisa Bellear

'Some Early Australian Women Writers' by Dale Spender

'The People In Between' by Sneja Gunew

'Recent Innovative Australian Feminist Fiction' by Susan Hawthorne

'A Profile' by Eva Johnson

'Puppts to Playwrights: Girls on Stage' by Merrilee Moss

'Women's Circus ... Leaping Off the Edge' by Alison Richards

'On the Band Wagon' by Sue Edmonds

'The Sung World of Aboriginal and Islander Women' by Catherine Ellis and Judith Martyn-Ellis

'Women Composers Have Got Australia Covered' by Sally Macarthur

'Women's Cinema in Australia' by Barbara Creed

'Drawing the Future: Australian Women Artists' by Janine Burke

'The Women's Art Scene in Australia' by Merren Ricketson


'National Parks and Other Attractions' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'Australian Notebook' by Suniti Namjoshi

'Experience the Australian Flora!' by Robyn Adams

'Traditional Plant Use in the Sandover River Region' by Jeannie Devitt

'Of Emus and Cockatoos' by Pauline Reilly

'Bloody Cokies!' by Jane Cafarella

'A Piece of Tasmania' by Laurene Kelly

'Walking in the Wilderness - Tasmania' by Dianne Simmons

'The North East' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'Summer' by Oodgeroo Noonuccal

'The Fencing Circus' by Ruby Langford Ginibi

'Longitude 151° 55'E Latitude 23° 26'S' by Gillian Hanscombe and Suniti Namjoshi 

'Women in the Tropical North' by Betty McLellan

'Northern New South Wales' by Robyn Arianrhod

'Coral Reefs and Fossils' by Kate Llewellyn

'The West and North' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'The Great South Land' by Susan Hawthorne

'Darwin: A Letter' by Jan Teagle Kapetas

'Nature Rules, OK?' by Heather Grace

'A Sort of Gift: Images of Perth' by Elizabeth Jolley

'South-west Western Australia' by Caroline Caddy

'The South and Centre' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'The Dog Fence' by Rosemary Jones

'Desert Tracks - Pitjantjatjara Tours' by Diane James

'Desert Women' by Barbara Tiernan

'Growing Up in Woomera' by Tania Lienert

'Miss Marple Goes to Ayers Rock' by Finola Moorhead

'The South ad East' by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein

'Blume, The Borgia of Chapel Street' by Rosa Safransky

'Canberra' by Sara Dowse

'The Revolutionary Nature of Lesbian Organic Gardening' by Kaye Johnston

'The Creative Landscape' by Suzanne Bellamy

'Country Halls and Debutante Balls' by Helen O'Shea

'Rural Women's Syndrome' by Jenny Maher

'Will the Real Tasmanian Aborigines Please Stand Up?' by Terry Whitebeach

'Mt Strezlecki - Flinders Island' by Terry Whitebeach


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