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Main : ecology, history, landscape, poetry

ISBN: 9781875559831
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Travelling Alone Together / Ruby Camp
Miriel Lenore & Louise Crisp
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The mask reaches below
my shoulders
& the pink stone she carries airborne
nestles like a heart
in the song of possibilities

Ruby Camp: A Snowy River Series follows the ridges and valleys of an extraordinary wilderness area, its life affected by humans. From the long habitations of Indigenous peoples, to the white settlers and this solitary woman exploring the depths of land and self.

Travelling Alone Together: In the footsteps of Edward John Eyre is a meditation on three journeys across the Nullabor. Landscape and time are interwoven as Miriel Lenore explores our myths.

when we arrive no whales are visible
that's nature says Claire
you can't make whales appear

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'Of Travelling Alone Together: Three journey across the Nullarbor and time are interwoven and Lenore explores our myths. when we arrive no whales are visible/that’s nature says Claire/you can’t make whales appear. This poet/traveller is incredibly modest and respectful of what is given her to experience. She travels across her many landscapes naming without appropriating.'

Alison Clark

'Of Ruby Camp: ‘Crisp’s insights and perceptions are so original and intense that she needed to find a new language, precise and sensuous, mysterious and revealing, held in a fine balance of rhythm and phrasing. She creates a radically new way of ‘knowing’ the East Gippsland bush: strong as illusion the dream works/its way into landscape. It is finally a book about joy.’ 

Marie Tulip

‘These poems [Lenore’s] are multi-layered but never dense or affected, the language being so intelligible and precise … [Crisp] has a flair for devising moments of heightened poetics that produce an originality via extreme simplicity.’

Pam Brown, Overland

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Louise Crisp



Miriel Lenore 

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