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Main : migration, myth, Philippines, poetry

ISBN: 9781875559763
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198 x 128 mm
203 pp
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Summer Was A Fast Train Without Terminals
Merlinda Bobis

To love in a language prised from my wishbone.
To sing a landscape where village girls once burst the moon with giggles.
To dance through the fattest eye of a rice-grain.

To do all these in peace and war is the wish embodied in Merlinda Bobis’ poetry. From her epic poem Cantata of the Warrior Woman: Daragang Magayon to lyric reflections on longing, and finally to an erotic dance-drama, Bobis traces the cartography of desire and its intimacy with death.

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1999 Shortlist, Age Book of the Year Award
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‘...a powerful exposition on the transition of woman to warrior, based on the myth of the origin of Mount Mayon. This epic performance poem, written in the grand tradition, tells of lust, love and war. It is compelling reading replete with seductive images and dramatic dialogue.’ Counterpoise, USA
‘Bobis can produce some genuinely haunting pieces. This is a touching work from established poet.’ Hamesh Wyatt, Otago Daily Times
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