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Main : human rights, non-fiction, psychology, self-help

ISBN: 9781876756628
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HELP! I'm Living with a Man Boy
Betty McLellan
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Are you tired of finding towels on the bathroom floor? Have you ever walked through a supermarket with a thirty-five-year-old child who wants only the most expensive things on the shelves? How do you go about making men understand the difference between helping out with the housework and doing it? And what about violence? Help! I'm Living with a Man Boy has forty-one practical scenarios that many women will identify with immediately, plus suggestions for dealing with these situations. This book is about relationships. Its overall aim is to encourage women and men to look more honestly at the way they relate to each other, and to strive for a personal maturity that will allow each of them to enter into the give-and-take that constitutes relationships based on genuine love, respect and equality. The focus is on mens' stunted emotional maturity, and the harmful and destructive behaviour that can accompany such immaturity. Betty McLellan is careful to point out that this does not describe all men. Some have achieved maturity and are contributing in a mature way to their relationships. Others, she admits, have a long way to go.

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Translations: Arabic, Simple Chinese, Estonian, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Spanish, Slovenian, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese
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'[This book] achieves its objectives in both an accessible and entertaining way, which I believe is a must for books on this and similar topics.'


Rebecca Creighton, New Community Quarterly
 'provocative.... gives positive advice, too.' Readings Summer Reading Guide, p. 16.
 'serious but with a light and humorous touch.' Reader’s Feast, Summer reading supplement featuring independent Australian publishing

Table of Contents

Everyday Situations
1. When you want some answers

Men are such boys
2. When the man in your life is a child
3. When you feel like his mother

Boys will be boys
4. Trying to improve communication when you are the only one trying
5. Longing for meaningful, stimulating conversation
6. When you never know what your partner thinks or feels
7. When you are the butt of his "jokes"
8. When you are made to feel invisible
9. When you are always the one who is wrong
10. When you sense you are being lied to
11. Always waiting for the "right" moment to talk to him
12. When you are constantly told you are mad (and half-believe it)
13. When you feel you have to keep you anger to yourself

14. Living with a bully
15. When you are the victim of physical abuse
16. When you see your partner's behaviour emerging in your son
17. When you are the victim of sexual abuse
18. When you have sex to keep the peace
19. Being abandoned after sex
20. When you are a victim of sexual harassment in your own home
21. When you discover your partner has sexually abused your child
22. When no one believes you
23. Discovering your partner's stash of pornography
24. When he refuses to discuss it

Can't live with him, can't live without him
25. When you suspect your partner is having an affair
26. When you discover your partner is having an affair
27. Realising you have been surrounded by lies and deceit for a long time
28. When you lie awake at night going over and over conversations in your mind
29. When you are overcome with anxiety/panic
30. When you live every day with a gnawing feeling deep in the pit of your stomach
31. Knowing you can neither live with him nor live without him

Living with Mr Nice Guy
32. When friends and family tell you how lucky you are
33. When you are told that his behaviour is your responsibility
34. Living with a man who puts on a good show for for others

Woman-Self: becoming strong, growing stronger
35. When your problems seem to go on and on
36. When you feel burderned with guilt
37. When you struggle to forgive
38. When your self-esteem needs a boost
39. When you are terrified of being alone
40. Finding the courage to live assertively
41. Becoming stronger, growing stronger


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