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An avid amateur astronomer with a passion for the stars, Munya Andrews was born in Derby, Western Australia on 25 April 1960 to an Aboriginal mother and Scottish father. As a child growing up in the Kimberleys, her adoptive grandmother, Canice Cox Ishiguchi, told her many Dreamtime stories of the stars that fostered an early and lifelong interest in astronomy.

Munya describes herself as a "Seeker" (like most of us) although her spiritual experiences and understanding of the world are largely informed by the Dreaming. Educated in Australia and the USA, Munya Andrews has degrees in anthropology and law.

Her interests are varied and eclectic ranging from the sciences (astronomy, archaeology, architecture, anthropology, chemistry, physics and mathematics) through to the Arts (history, literature, poetry etc) and the esoteric (astrology and tarot). Equally enthralled by science, mythology and comparative religions, Munya Andrews is intrigued by the ways in which these disciplines interact with one another and the ways in which they inform the other. The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades is her first book, and within it she explores the links between science and spirituality.

In the real world, Munya works as an academic and lawyer and hopes to continue writing in the areas of spirituality and Indigenous sciences (including astronomy).


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Book Awards
The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades: 2005 Finalist, Lambda Literary Awards, USA

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