Author/Editor: Bronwyn Whitlocke

Bronwyn Whitlocke

Bronwyn Whitlocke grew up in the Melbourne suburbs of St Kilda and Elwood. Her life was influenced by her great grandmother's Jewish heritage and its philosophy. She has a daughter and two grandchildren. In the past she has worked as a laboratory technician, a nurse and a book keeper before beginning a Degree in Psychology.

After becoming disillusioned with the separation of mind and body in Western Medicine and Psychology, she looked for a way to integrate the two. After an introductory course in Zen Shiatsu she found the way to integrate mind and body to heal. She completed a Diploma in Shiatsu, went on to an apprenticeship in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is now a registered acupuncturist. She also has Certificates in Aromatherapy, Counselling and updated certificates in Herbal Medicine, Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment.

She has taught Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), TCM Gynaecology, Equine Shiatsu and run several workshops including an Introduction to TCM; Menopause and TCM; Baby Shiatsu; Aromatherapy and TCM; and Pregnancy and Shiatsu.  Her philosophy is to arm ourselves with knowledge to keep healthy and lessen our dependency on practitioners. Less is more.


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