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Ariel Salleh

Ariel Salleh is a scholar and activist whose theoretical work re-defines humanity-nature relations in a way that integrates feminism, ecology, socialism, and indigenous struggles. Her book - Ecofeminism as Politics - subtitled nature, Marx, and the postmodern - argues an embodied materialist standpoint. A recent edited collection - Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice shows how unconscious sex-gender assumptions distort methods and concepts in ecological economics and sustainability studies. Salleh's political ecology developed hands-on while working in Aboriginal communities; as co-convener of the Movement Against Uranium Mining; founding member of The Greens; at Earth Summit with Women's Environment & Development Organization; in local catchment campaigning; and on the Australian government's Gene Technology Ethics Committee. She has taught in Australia, Asia, and the US; has been an editor of the journal Capitalism Nature Socialism since its inception; and is currently a researcher in Political Economy at the University of Sydney.


03 Jun 2010 Ariel Salleh on Labor's new resource tax

Ariel Salleh, editor of Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice, has a new article up on On Line Opinion about Labor's proposed resource tax. Ariel asks, 'Could La... more

29 Oct 2009 Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice world tour

Ariel Salleh is discussing the book Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice and other writing at these events.

#24–25 October 2009, Melbourne, Australia
Green New D... more

01 Oct 2009 Ariel Salleh on Ockham's Razor

Tune in to Ockham's Razor on Radio National this Sunday 4 October at 8.45 am to hear Ariel Salleh, editor of Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice. The topic is "Is our sustainability science racist?"

14 May 2009 Eco-Sufficiency conversation in Island magazine

Spinifex May release, Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice, is featured in ed. 116 of Island magazine. A conversation between editor Ariel Salleh and contributor... more

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