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Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin
Diane Bell

In Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin, Diane Bell invites her readers into the complex and contested world of the cultural beliefs and practices of the Ngarrindjeri of South Australia; teases out the meanings and misreadings of the written sources; traces changes and continuities in oral accounts; challenges assumptions about what Ngarrindjeri women know, how they know it, and how outsiders may know what...

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Native Tongue
Suzette Haden Elgin

It’s the year 2205 and women of Earth are once again property. Two women, Nazareth and Michaela – one a brilliant linguist, the other a rebel servant – are destined to challenge the power of men. Rich in wry wit, fierce intellect, and faith in the subversive power of language, Native Tongue is a feminist science fiction classic. Native Tongue offers new words for...

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Bright And Fiery Troop, A
Debra Adelaide (ed.)

From the first novel published in mainland Australia in 1838, women have been writing it for themselves. Among them are poets, prolific novelists such as Rosa Praed, and botanists like Louisa Atkinson. From household names to obscurity, A Bright and Fiery Troop rediscovers the rich treasures of Australia’s literary tradition. It is the first critical analysis of the major Australian women...

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Fear Of Food
Carol Bacchi
An illuminating story of motherhood, Fear of Food is Carol Bacchi's account of the first two years of her son's life. She battles his rejection of food, encounters dismissive health professionals, and struggles with sleep deprivation and the uncertainties of doing it alone. Provocative and deeply personal, Fear of Food is a compelling read.

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The Floating Garden

The Floating Garden

Emma Ashmere

Sydney, Milsons Point, 1926. Entire streets are being demolished for the building of the Harbour Bridge. Ellis Gilbey,...

The End of Patriarchy

The End of Patriarchy

Robert Jensen

The pathology of patriarchy, the idea that one group of people should control another—even own them, own even life...

Prostitution Narratives

Prostitution Narratives

Caroline Norma, Melinda Tankard Reist

For too long the global sex industry and its vested interests have dominated the prostitution debate repeating the same...

The Great Climate Robbery

The Great Climate Robbery


The great climate robbery provides valuable information about how the industrial food system causes climate change, how...

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